November 25, 2022
4 min read

How to Stay Positive on Climate

How to Stay Positive on Climate

November 25, 2022
4 min read

Even thinking about Climate Change can be emotionally overwhelming.



Heat Waves.



What can one person do?

Go vegan? Sell your car? Stop flying home for the holidays? Maybe.... If you can do it, then I salute you and your deep commitment to the Planet. But if you're like most people, that's overwhelming and, frankly, it's impossible to expect everyone to sacrifice so much.

So, how do I take action on climate change without totally sacrificing my current life?

Step 1: Take a deep breath (3 seconds in, 3 seconds out) and relax your shoulders. You've already heard the bad news, now here’s the good news:

The world is waking up to the Climate Crisis in a massive way, and because you’re reading this, you’re part of the solution:

  1. Clean Energy is now cheaper than fossil fuel energy in many instances. Cheaper, like less expensive, like pre-inflation-Chipotle-Burrito less expensive.
  2. The US actually decreased net C02 emissions from over 6500 million Tons in 2005, to 5500 million Tons today (yes, we need to do this faster).
  3. The total investment in Climate initiatives worldwide has almost doubled in the last 10 years.
  4. More than 700 out of 2000 large corporations have pledged to hit net-zero Carbon Emissions by 2050 (of course, they need to do much more, but it’s a start).

We know what we need to do to ensure a better future and we have proven, science-backed solutions to get us there.

This isn’t even the first time the world came together to solve a climate crisis. It’s true! Have you heard of the Ozone hole? If you were born after the 90’s, then maybe not. In the 1970s, we realized that many products, from air conditioners to hairsprays, belched out pollutants called Chloro-Fluoro-Carbons (CFCs). CFCs are a type of gas that made a huge hole in the ozone layer of our atmosphere. The ozone layer protects us from harmful UV radiation from the sun. The hole in the Ozone Layer was supposed to give us horrible skin cancers, cataracts and immune diseases. Through a global effort, we largely banned CFCs and the hole stopped growing. It is even on-track to heal within our lifetimes. We fixed the problem! It’s time to do it again. On a much, much bigger scale.

But how do I solve the climate crisis going on now?

You could wait and rely on governments and businesses to make changes because they realize it’s the right thing to do, or you could take action today.

If there’s one thing I want you to take away from reading this, it’s that you are NOT powerless. Everyday folk like us must work together with Corporations and Governments and keep them accountable. We can donate, advocate, vote and demand sustainable solutions and products from companies. We can create the demand for Climate Action through our individual decisions. We can create substantial change by adding up billions of our small actions together.

You can join this global movement and make a difference today. Like, right now. And you will be Happier and Healthier for it. I call this hack “cultivating Positive Climate Energy (PCE)”.

When I’m biking to work feeling the wind on my face, enjoying a delicious grilled butternut squash instead of a steak dinner, or dancing to my favorite tunes while cooking on a new electric stove, I’m feeling that PCE.

I built the Toohla App so that people can stop stressing about Climate Change and start building PCE through tracking and reducing their Carbon emissions. Our solution is designed for Individuals, not Corporations, and free to use. At Toohla, everyone is welcome and no action is too small to celebrate.

Will you join us?

Download our app to join the Toohla Community. Start creating and harnessing your PCE. Hope to see you there.

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